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Growing up in Seattle as a kid I was fascinated by my bike.  On Christmas morning when I 7 years old I received a 1961 Schwinn Typhoon 
with a cool 2 speed "kickback" Bendix hub. 
Of course like other kids who would later become mechanics, I had to tinker.  
When something went wrong I would grab whatever “tool” was available to try to fix a problem.  
At the age of 9, I tried to remove a tire and my “tool” of choice at that time was mom’s butter knife

Yep, you guessed it, I bent the knife!  I then tried a screwdriver which finally worked. 
Don't try this at home! My love of bikes’ thus began and m
y choice of tools improved!

Into my pre-teens and teen years I rode my bike everywhere, trips to Mercer Island to ride the loop, off to Kenmore to ride around the north end of Lake Washington. All those miles meant my bike would need service so I acquired tire levers (no more butter knives), as well as a small bicycle tool kit.  These tools allowed me to kind of "true" wheels, adjust hubs and brakes and patch tubes.  As I learned how purpose built tools fit each bicycle part specifically, I came to appreciate the finesse it took to work on bicycles.  My knowledge, my experience and my “tool kit” grew.

In my late teens I joined the Navy and became an aircraft mechanic serving near the end of the Vietnam War.  After my service I began attending College to achieve a degree in architecture.  During this time, I landed my first bicycle shop job at U-District Cycle as a mechanic (thank you Lloyd!).  For the next several years I worked for various shops around Seattle, Redmond and Bellevue while still attending College, but the ‘bikes’ kept calling me so bikes it would be. In 1986 I left College and it was a bit later that I started work as a professional road race mechanic and helped start Northwest Technical Support (NTS), a mobile service for race promoters and bicycle racers. In 1988 I went to work as a race mechanic for Bill Woodul , the “Patron saint of Bicycle Race Mechanics”  who was one of the great names in the bicycle industry and Zeke Zeitler who was a coach and manager of many National Junior teams as well as a mechanic for the USA at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games.  My life was greatly influenced by both of these special men. And the fascination continues!

                    William "Bill" Woodul                                                           Joe (me) upper left & Eugene "Zeke" Zeitler upper right

It was in 1988 that I was hired as a service manager at a local shop in Woodinville and later yet, I also taught at the USCF Race Mechanic’s Clinic. 

 Over the next several years I worked retail until moving to distribution while continuing my involvement as a race mechanic, in the U.S., in Europe and with the Redline Cyclo-Cross team, which has brought me to today and the founding in 2013 of The Bicycle Fixer, a mobile bicycle repair shop. 


I have been fortunate in my life to have worked with some of the giants in the bicycle industry. I’ve learned from the best!  I continue to upgrade my skills as with the 2013 Park Tool Tech Summit.  


I now bring that knowledge and skills learned, to you, the bicycle owner through my
“toolbox on wheels”, The Bicycle Fixer.

Please enjoy some pictures from my excursions and race service



(Northwest Technical Support)

1987 Northwest Technical Support
(my first "mobile" bicycle repair shop)

Marymoor Park Redmond, Wa
Star-Crossed Cyclocross race
(neutral race service)

Touring and Race Support in Europe

1996 The Grand Central Station in Amsterdam
My touring bike for Holland and Germany

1996 Criterium Mannheim, Germany
( Criterium support - Neo Pros )

1997 Outside Luxembourg City on my way to Germany
On a road racing bike! 39/53 and 12/28 7s w/ 25c tires. No triple here but then again, no tent or sleeping bag.

1997 Masters Stage Race Luxembourg
Yours truly, lower left

The Dam
Milan, Italy 1997
Traditional start site of the Milan-San Remo Classic
This bicycle race is the longest single day race on the UCI Pro calendar. Over 290kms or 179 miles!

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