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Mobile bicycle repair shop

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Covid-19 and The Bicycle Fixer

This is something we are all concerned with and how to best serve our Seattle metro area customers and our local community. 

Studies show using a bicycle for excercise is good for our physical and mental health. That's why we ride bicycles. I want to make sure you can continue to enjoy riding your bicycle alone or with your family.

That said, how is The Bicycle Fixer helping you and the community of bicycle riders? When I show up at your home, first thing I do is put on some protective work gloves. Your bicycle is wiped down anywhere it may be touched (seat, handlebars, etc) before performing any service, no matter how small. Once the service is complete, your bike gets another wipe down. There's no need to hang out and chat. Also, please do not hang out by my service stand. 

Payments. Many folks pay with a credit card. If you hand me one, I'll still be wearing at least one glove (I need to remove one to activate the cc payment app). You can also pay uisng Paypal, cash or check. 

The Bicycle Fixer wants everyone to feel comfortable.  If you don't want to engage a potentailly crowded bike shop, I'm dealing with most folks on a one-to-one basis. If you feel more at ease with a pickup and delivery service, we can accomodate that. If we all work together and practice recommended hygiene practices, we'll come out the other side and still enjoy riding our bicycles with our friends and family.

 Not enough time to load bikes in the car and head to the local shop? Don't forget, you have to go back and load them up again! Try mobile bicycle repair. Trying to schedule service around your work and the kids activities?  A mobile bicycle repair shop is what you need. 


 The Bicycle Fixer  is a mobile bicycle repair shop based in Kent, Wa serving the greater Seattle - Mercer Island - Bellevue - Redmond area and most of King County. Mobile bicycle repair offers you the convenience of having service performed at your home, office and even out by the side of the road! Servicing your bicycle so you can get back to what you like to do, riding your bike, is what The Bicycle Fixer likes to do.

  TBF mobile bicycle repair shop services range from fixing flat tires to tune-ups, overhauls to brake bleeds and everything in between. Please visit the rates page for a more detailed listing. Click on the following link.


Bicycles are elegant pieces of machinery with many functions including r
acing, touring, commuting and for just plain fun! Each type have their own specific needs and require some level of maintenance, whether it be regular service of frequently used bicycles, or service once/year (seldom used bicycles) and kids bikes.  This TLC can be accomplished with extensive knowledge, fair pricing, quality repairs , and at your convenience by contacting this mobile bicycle repair shop.  Servicing bicycles through my bicycle repair shop is by appointment only, yet one generally doesn't have to wait more than a few days. Commuters, racers and other year round riders might consider a service schedule. With my mobile bicycle repair shop, you'll get the same professional mechanic and owner every time. 

Honesty and thoroughness are essential in the assessment of your bike for repairs. It is of the utmost importance not only to you, the bicycles owner, but to me, Joe Sandschulte...The Bicycle Fixer. Quotes over the phone or through the website are just an estimate. My mobile bicycle repair shop accurate costs are provided on site. Most repairs are done the same day. TBF keeps a well-stocked van to help keep your bike rolling. If a mobile bicycle repair shop is what you're looking for, please call or email me.

Whether you've spent a few hundred dollars or a few thousand, your bike is an investment.  Keep it well maintained and safe for you and
your family. TBF will bring the mobile bicycle repair shop to you!

Thank you!

Joe Sandschulte
The Bicycle Fixer
Bicycle repair shop


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