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Basic Adjustment Tune-up package $95
Frame/Fork Inspection
Derailleur/Brake Adjustment
Inspect/Lube Cables
Inspect/ Adjust Brake Shoes
 Wheel True

Hub Bearing Adjustment

Bottom Bracket Inspection/Adjustment
Headset Adjustment
Clean/Lube Chain
Wipe Frame/Fork
Inflate Tires
Test Ride

Professional Mobile Bicycle Repair Shop


Minimum Service Call
$65 in Kent/ south Renton ( East Hill )
$85 King County/ north Bothell / Tacoma
Add $1/each mile beyond 30 miles

The Bicycle Fixers' mobile bike repair shop service packages and many bicycle maintenance and component adjustments offered are listed below. I'll bring my mobile bicycle shop at a time convenient for you and based on my current schedule. If you don't see a bike repair service that you need, please call or email for a quote.  These are base rates and could be more depending on the extent of the service required.  Whether you need a flat tire fix, brake or derailleur adjustment, bicycle tune up or minor repairs to carbon frames call or email Joe so we can discuss your needs.

Minimum Service Call and ala carte services. If you need a service that costs less than the minimum service charge, I'll happily give your bike the amount of service being charged. As an example, you need a flat fix and you live in Kirkland, the service call is $85 so I'll perform $85 in service. Most bikes need other service like brake adjustments, cables lubed, hub adjustment or wheels trued.

For any bike shop, one of the more popular services after a bicycle tire or tube repair is the bicycle tune-up. So what is involved in a tune up and what does a bike tune up cost? The Bicycle Fixer takes a traditional approach to bicycle tune ups that includes but not limited to; shifting/derailleur adjustments, brake adjustments, hub (wheel) bearing adjustment, bicycle wheel truing, headset (steering) adjustment, bottom bracket (crank bearing) adjustment and bicycle cleaning/lubrication for a bike tune-up cost of $95. See the service packages below for more details.

For everyday riders or those planning to ride a special event, we can discuss bicycle maintenance schedules. Bicycle maintenance for regular  riders is more than an annual bicycle tune-up. Chains wear, brakeshoes wear dictating an adjustment, and shift cables and housing need attention. For these reasons, The Bicycle Fixer offers bicycle maintenance services that don't require a more traditional bicycle tune-up. On all listed bike repair service packages, I check chain wear with a chain checker tool. If you have 5-10 rear sprockets, a measurement of 0.75% indicates it's time to replace the chain. With 11 and 12 rear sprockets, 0.50% is an indication of maximum chain wear for running an efficient drivetrain system. I also check the hub bearings on the derailleur/brake adjustment bicycle service.

    Derailleur/Brake Adjustment                   $50 (parts not included) 
     Peformance Evaluation
     ( Does not fulfill minimum service call )
  • Adjust Brakes
  • Adjust Shifting/Derailleurs
  • Check Hub Bearings
  • Lubricate Chain
  • Inspect bicycle 
  • Inflate tires

     Traditional Tune up                     $95 (parts not included)*

  • Frame/Fork Inspection
  • Adjust F/R Brakes
  • Adjust F/R Derailleurs
  • Minor Wheel Truing (on bike)
  • Adjust Headset Bearings
  • Adjust Hub Bearings
  • Adjust/Inspect Bottom Bracket (Crank Bearings)
  • Replace Rear Derailleur Frame Housing**
  • Clean/Lube Chain
  • Clean Bike and Wheels (Wipe down/Polish)
  • Performance Check
  • Inflate Tires
  • Torque Bolts
  • Test Ride

      Advanced Tune-up                              $125 (parts not included)*
  • Frame/Fork Inspection 
  • Adjust F/R Brakes       
  • Adjust F/R Derailleurs
  • Minor Wheel Truing (On bike)
  • Adjust/Grease Headset Bearings
  • Adjust/Grease Hub Bearings
  • Adjust/Inspect Bottom Bracket (Crank Bearings)
  • Replace Rear Derailleur Frame Housing** 
  • Clean/Lube Chain
  • Clean Bike and Wheels (Wipe down/Polish)
  • Performance Check
  • Inflate Tires
  • Torque Bolts
  • Test Ride  



            *New Cables, housing, brake shoes and a chain are installed on many bicycle tune-ups. Average parts cost $80 for  
           most derailleur equipped bikes. Cables, housing and brake shoes start around $55.  Disc-brake equipped
           bikes add $10/wheel+ for brake shoes. On all bicycle maintenance tune-up packages, the a la carte labor charge is half it's                 regular charge (ie: chain install/$15...$7.50; brakeshoes install/ $20/wheel...$10/wheel) for product purchased from
           The Bicycle Fixer

      **Note:  Bicycle Tune Ups include rear derailleur frame housing replacement at n/c 
                   If your rear derailleur frame housing is full run housing, add $10+ for derailleur housing.
Housing is the fastest wearing part of a “click-shift” or index shifting system. 




     Overhaul       Road /Tri / Hydrid                  $275 (parts not included)**
                        Bikes w/ Hyd disc brakes         $325 (brake bleed included)

  Many of todays road and tri bikes have internally routed cables and require more time to service so there's a surcharge for this design type

  • Includes complete breakdown and reassembly
  • frame and fork inspection
  • Advanced Tune Up plus   
  • Overhaul Bottom Bracket            
  • Overhaul Headset            
  • Overhaul Hubs


All components purchased from The Bicycle Fixer for installation during an Overhaul will incur no extra labor charge. Did you purchase parts online or at a swap meet? I'd be happy to install and/or adjust that for you. 

  Ala Carte' Pricing

( Does not meet minimum Service Call except Frame-up build and multi-speed bike assembly )

Adjust Brake $15 ( mechanical disc brake varies )          
Install Brake Cable $10   ( internal routing extra )
Brake Bleed $35 per wheel (includes fluid )
Install Brake shoes $20 per wheel 
Adjust Derailleur $15          
Install Derailleur Cable $10-15  ( internal routing extra )
Adjust Hub Front  $15
Adjust Hub Rear  $20
True Wheel $15-$35
Replace Broken Spoke $25-$50 ( includes spoke and wheel true )
Wheel Build                               $75
Install Tire or tube $15  ( IGH/Ebikes extra )
Install Tubeless Tire
Refresh Tubeless Tire
$25 ( includes sealant ) 
$15 ( includes sealant )
Glue Sew-up $75 ( on a clean rim )           
Remove Sew-up/Clean rim  $35-$50          
Install Chain $15
$25 tandem, recumbent         
Install Cassette/Freewheel $15
Tape Handlebars $25 ( $40 w/ removal of old tape )
Box Bike for shipping
Complete Build (Frame-up)
$350 ( Does not include wheel builds )
Partial Build  Call or email
Boxed Bicycle Assembly
Bicycle Cleaning
(Preventative Maintenance) 
Excessive Dirt and Grease

Hourly rate  $75/hr
Noise evaluation  $75/hr $25 minimum
Diagnostics  $45 ( deducted from invoice upon service of bike )

Bicycle Assembly

Have you ordered a bicycle online from, Amazon or one of the many bicycle DtC sites? I provide full bicycle assembly and adjustment of boxed bikes. Bicycles costing less than a few thousand dollars including mountain bikes,
hybrid bicycles and road bikes, hubs and in some cases, come with just enough grease to make the overseas trip to your house. For this reason, I partially disassemble the bicycle wheel hub and headset and add grease. Like with a bicycle tune-up, I also adjust the hubs/headset for proper operation. Each bicycle wheel is trued and spokes tensioned, cables are lubed, pedals and seat posts are also greased. When you see the comment on a site that a bicycle comes "80% assembled", that's exactly what it means. Nothing is adjusted at the assembly factory. So for a road bike, mountain bike, ebike or hybrid bicycle, bicycle assembly service is a bicycle tune-up, a fit plus unpacking. For road bikes with electronic shifting or a mountain bike with a dropper post, expect the cost to be higher. 

YouTube diy video's, brand's included bicycle assembly tools and instructions or a list of a few tools on the side of a box are inadequate. If it takes a bicycle repair shop at least 10-15 tools to properly assemble a boxed bicycle, how can only 3-4 tools do it? You paid at least a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for your bicycle! How long do you want the parts too last? Safe? Professional bicycle assembly allows your bicycle to operate without clicking, clunking and squeaky noises. And the bolts are greased and torqued to spec. Then it gets a test ride. Any issues at this point are resolved. Then the bicycle is fitted to you for comfort, efficiency and safe operation. Kids bikes that look like miniature adult bicycles cost the same as their larger brethren. 

Bicycle Build

A complete bicycle build requires good to new condition brand name parts and a functional frame/fork.

Gluing and repairing sewup tires

Without getting into the how to of mounting sew-ups, I'll leave it at this, in almost 40 yrs of working as a mechanic ( we didn't have high-performance clinchers in the 70's or early 80's ) I've glued up somewhere around 1,000 sew-ups for professional racers and amateurs alike. Many were team riders but a good number were folks having me glue tires in a shop environment. There's no magical elixir, just tried and true application. Experience and good mentors were the best teachers for gluing sew-up tires. I also perform minor sew-up repairs. There are more steps required than just stretching and gluing to get the most out of your sew-ups. The cost of quality racing sew-ups are high compared to performance clinchers so why skip steps. Have it done professionally. 
A note about removal of sew-ups as prep for a new application, it takes at least 1/2-3/4 hour to remove old glue/residue. A clean rim is best to mount a tire unless the current tire was mounted recently. It's common practice to remove a tire after one season of use and glue it a few weeks to a month before the next season. The glue dries out. Keep this in mind as a rolled sew-up is no fun. ( Note some shops do not offer this service ).

Wheel Building   ( generally multi-day service for parts ordering ) 

Wheels take a lot of abuse considering they support a riders and bicycle weight ( including touring loads ), encounter road hazards and deal with a wet environment, so for these reasons, I use DT and Sapim stainless spokes for wheel builds.  Wheels built for riding in the Puget Sound region or in salty environments, I use brass nipples. Alloy nipples and steel spokes have a tendency to galvanize which makes wheel truing difficult after a few years of regular exposure to the elements. Leave the alloy nipples for high performance wheels used for, track, time trial and tri bikes where saving time is a goal. For high-performance after-market wheels using aero blades in their construction, I use DT Aerolite or Sapim CX-Ray spokes w/ Alloy nipples.*

*Costs for spokes are as follows;

  • DT Champion 14g  SS  w/ brass nipples *                                         $1.20/spoke
  • DT Champion 14g  Blk/blk brass nipples *                                         $1.40/spoke
  • DT Comp db  14g   SS w/brass nipples                                             $1.30/spoke
  • DT Comp db  14g  Blk/blk alloy nipples                                             $1.60/spoke     
  • Sapim CX-Ray                                                                                $3.99/spoke
  • Sapim Polyax brass nipples                                                              $.45ea
  • Sapim Polyax alloy nipples                                                               $.60ea   

* These are the most common spokes I use. Call or email for other options.


Many other bike repair services are available as well as Group and Senior Discounts. 
For Corporate rates go to 
Corporate Partners page. 
For further information email or call 253-486-7468

If it rolls on two wheels and powered by your legs.......... my bicycle repair shop can fix it including 
Ebikes. The Bicycle Fixer does service the mechanical components including hydraulic disc brakes.

Did you purchase your component online or at a swap?  That's OK! We'll happily install and/or adjust it for you.

Shop Supplies: 1% or $3 whichever is greater. Cap is $30.

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